Photo of Home
Painting of Home
Book Cover
Book was published
Summer 2008
This is an historical building in
Crafton.  The
Historical  Society
commissioned me to paint it.  
Sketch used for the inside of the
book.  We used the bottom one for
best fit.  I also worked on some
photos for the book.
I have done many commissions over the years.  These are just a few.  I have done, portraits of people of all
ages, animals, houses, cars, etc.  Whatever the client wanted.  The latest addition was designing a book
cover and a sketch and photos for inside the book.
This commission was done for a group called "The Entertainers".  They started out as a
choral group and went on to perform as clowns.  The directors were a husband wife
team, John and Nellie Kennedy .  They are the ones in second row at left end.  Both
have gone on to be with the LORD, as did two others.  They were a wonderful group.  My
husband and I performed with them for about 9 years till we moved away.  Nellie called
me to do the painting of them all.  I loved all of these people.

"I work till you're satisfied"